Tufted Ottoman Workshop

I learned how to make a tufted ottoman!

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Sometimes when I’m refurbishing furniture, it calls for re-upholstering. Now, I can do the basics, like chair seats. But tufting? No idea, but I wanted to learn.

When Kristy from Next Time Around in Cambridge posted on Facebook she was having a tufted ottoman workshop, I was right on it.

If you are ever in Cambridge, you really need to check out Kristy’s store in the Southworks Mall…it is huge and gorgeous!  

Tufted ottoman zps1e88986e Tufted Ottoman Workshop

Heather from New House New Home and Melanie from The Painted Bench took the class, as well. Heather actually brought the post to my attention, I’m not great at checking my social media as often as I should.

After shopping upstairs at the Southworks Antique Mall, we had dinner and lots of interesting conversation. It was great connecting with friends after being house-bound so much this winter. 

The class was conducted by Mark & Laura from Moffat Creek Furniture. I have to tell you, I knew how to do some of the steps already, but I learned a lot of new tricks & tips. I have decided I have to invest in a button maker, they turn out so fabulous!

The following pictures are showing us learning and making our tufted ottomans. Ones without my watermark are from Kristy.
LauraandMarkstarting zpsf5251c3f Tufted Ottoman Workshop

Laura & Mark starting to teach us how to make a tufted ottoman out of an old coffee table.

Tufted Footstool Tutorial1 zps23218371 Tufted Ottoman Workshop

Kristy with Laura & Mark

Theclass zps88770c7d Tufted Ottoman Workshop

Us ladies watching intently…Pat & Janet are the other women and Maggie isn’t shown.

Tufted Footstool Tutorial4 zpsb57bdffb Tufted Ottoman Workshop

Laura trimming the fabric after she stapled it to the table.

Tufted Footstool Tutorial3 zps5c72794e Tufted Ottoman Workshop

Melanie, Kristy, Laura & Mark

Tufted Footstool Tutorial2 zps0ac86c46 Tufted Ottoman Workshop

Heather making buttons

Buttons zps21d51bc8 Tufted Ottoman Workshop

My buttons after I covered them. Love this tool…

Learningthetufting zps8aca8978 Tufted Ottoman Workshop

Watching Laura do the button tufting

Tufted Footstool Tutorial7 zps21822fb7 Tufted Ottoman Workshop

Me putting my sewn fabric over the stool & stuffing

Meladdingfabric zps52de3ff1 Tufted Ottoman Workshop

Melanie stapling her fabric with the pneumatic stapler…what a fantastic tool! Maybe now that I have experience, my husband will let me use his. icon smile Tufted Ottoman Workshop

Heathersstool zps1c339bb9 Tufted Ottoman Workshop

Heather’s finished stool. I love her material and the contrast of the buttons covered with black material.

Melsstool zps572e7132 Tufted Ottoman Workshop

Melanie’s finished stool. She used Annie Sloan’s fabric and I love it!

Tufted Footstool Tutorial8 zps226926ce Tufted Ottoman Workshop

This is me with my almost finished stool. I had to leave so I added the legs and under-fabric when I was home.

Tufted Footstool Tutorial11 zps86aab962 Tufted Ottoman Workshop

They were putting black fabric on the bottoms at the workshop and I wanted a light fabric. I added some drop cloth after I put the legs on at home.

Tufted Footstool Tutorial9 zpscffe363c Tufted Ottoman Workshop

I love the end result!!

Closeup zps15c3580f Tufted Ottoman Workshop

Close up of the toile

Tufted Footstool Tutorial12 zps849d1f45 Tufted Ottoman Workshop

I’m on the look-out for a small coffee table (or two) to transform into a tufted ottoman! It’s a fun and easy project that I plan on doing more often. This one is for sale at my booth in Woodstock for $75.00

If you missed Kristy’s workshop and are interested in attending one, she has another coming up this month. Check out her Facebook page because it is going to be either the 22nd or 23rd. 

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  1. Your Ottoman looks awesome! It certainly was a great night I’m on the look-out for another one to expand our knowledge base.

  2. Oh how beautifu! I so would have taken a class like that. I have zero skills in reupholstering, but would love to learn!

  3. Oh Debbie, I am in love with these ottoman’s!! I would love to take a class like that :) Beautiful job, sweet Debbie!

    Hugs to you!

  4. Fantastic!! What a lovely stool. All the stools turned out great!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Your stool looks fabulous. I love blue and white toile. x

  6. Well look at you..that is awesome. I love all the ottomons. You gals did a fantastic job. Hope the snow melts soon Debbie!

  7. I totally could do this :)

  8. I wish you worked for me! I have so many restoration projects that require upholstery work and this is where I come unstuck. Great work, well done.


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