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Last fall, Suzan from Simply Vintageous…….by Suzan had a contest promoting My Color inspired by Pantone. We had to pick 3 colours we loved from Pantone’s website, My Color Paints, and comment on her blog. Long story short…I WON!!!


I picked three colours I thought would compliment each other since I wanted to use them to redo the furniture in the guest room…but ended up using them on pieces that are going into my new craft room.

Slate Green 16-0713
Whitecap Grey 12-0304
Goat 16-0806
They ran out of quart containers for 2 of my colours, so sent me 4 pints in the Whitecap Gray and Goat.

Finally, I have started working on my new craft room! I showed you where I have been crafting in my last post, and now I have completed some key elements. 

An old cupboard that I’ve been using for craft supplies.
The cupboard has been painted using the Whitecap Grey. I had dollar store doilies for stencils, using Slate Green and the words were stenciled using Goat. It looks awesome in the craft room!
We used an old coffee table someone left on our burn pile to make the craft table. With old wood we made the table tall so it is easier to work on. A shelf was added for storage. But, I didn’t like it…
The craft table in it’s original spot out in the workshop.
I asked my husband to remove the legs from the coffee table. (can’t remember why they were left on)
And I finally got around to painting it, again with Whitecap Gray. 
Moved in the house to the rec room, my new craft room

I had found a dresser & hutch at a garage sale last year for only $10.00. I ended up using the hutch as a shelving unit on top of the craft table. Sorry, I don’t have before pictures, but here’s one during so you can see what the shelf started like. 


And here it is all together. Can you believe I painted all these in one colour and still have a pint left? The shelf took 3 coats, the cupboard 2 and the table was primed and finished with 2 coats. I love this paint!


I still have to paint and mount the crib rail so I can hang supplies on it. I have so much more to do, and I’ll share with you as I complete them. 


See the not-quite-done glue gun stand? It has been finished!


Did you see where I used to do my crafting? I think this is so much nicer.

I plan on painting the rocker and making a cushion for it, I want to do it in the ‘Goat’ colour. 

Stay tuned for more projects on this room. It has a sewing area, another worktop table to be finished in the Slate Green and a large dresser for storage I need to refurbish. And, I still have to paint the walls. You’d think I would get that done first…no idea what I was thinking. I was too excited to get working on the furniture. 
Thanks, Suzan!

Do you do things backwards, too? What is your craft area like? Have you tried the paints from Pantone

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  1. Love what you’ve done so far Debbie, and looking forward to seeing more. The doily stencils are fabulous!

    I won the Pantone giveaway from one of the other sites when Suzan was doing her giveaway, and I’m using mine in my guest room makeover.

    This will be my first time using Pantone paint, so I’m happy to read that you liked it so much.

    Tuula :)

  2. Fantastic job on that Armoire Debbie – I’m in love with it!
    Isn’t it a fabulous paint? It goes on like silk!
    Thanks so much for the shout out :)
    Get cracking Tuula! lol

  3. Sure looking nice! Love the doily stencils. Will look forward to the next part! Nancy

  4. I love your enthusiasm and that you do things backwards! Your doily stencils turned out so great; what a smart idea, and the crafty words inside them are just inspired. The colors are fabulous. The green and goat really stand out crisply against the gray, while still looking soft and neutral. You made good choices! They do complement each other perfectly. Isn’t it fun to redo your craft room? I can’t wait to see the rest.

  5. It looks awesome, Deb. A great place to craft is always inspiring!!

    I just realized that I wasn’t following you by email – fixed that so I don’t miss any postings from now on!!

  6. This looks fabulous. You are going to love having a craft room. I just love the fact that I don’t have to put away my project each time I work on something. Can’t wait to see what you are doing with the crib.

  7. Love the transformation Debbie, everything looks great and ready for some amazing crafting sessions.

  8. You did good!! It’s so nice to have a place to do and redo your crafts and just be able to walk away and leave it and not see it on the kitchen table. My craft room is always a disaster, although I do have places to store and arrange, it’s still a mess.

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