DIY Kitchen Makeover Part 1

DIY kitchen makeovers that I’ve seen online all look so fabulous and I’ve been getting lots of ideas, waiting for the day we start ours. Well, it’s finally happening!! We still have a long way to go, but I wanted to show you what we’ve been working on so far.

*Warning…it’s photo heavy…sorry*


I’ve hated our floor since we moved in 15 years ago, and I am so happy it is gone!

You can see how overdue it was…


Old kitchen floor before the makeover. 

That mismatched drawer was added after we moved in. It will all look the same by the time I’m done :)

We started our DIY kitchen makeover by washing the walls, ceiling & cupboards with TSP (this stuff is amazing!!!)…


TSP heavy duty cleaner

Then it was time to paint. We used Benjamin Moore paints from Mayfair Paint N Paper. Did you know you could get zero VOC paint for interiors?

It was news to me (I’m a little slow…sometimes). This is what our interior designer, Erin, at Mayfair sold my husband…


Benjamin Moore zero VOC paint

We got ceiling paint in white

Iced Cube Silver 2121-50 for the walls

Misty Gray 2124-60 for the trim

Silver Half Dollar 2121-40 for the wall below the chair rail

I’m also using the Half Dollar on the door panels with the Iced Cube on the doors. 

Thanks Erin, it’s great to know we have you to turn to when we need help! 


Painting the ceiling


Painting the ceiling in the hall


Painting the ceiling in the stairwell

After the painting was done, Larry and a buddy installed the floor. I tell you, I am in love with this product! I purchased it at Lowe’s and a friend loved it so much he used the same flooring for his huge kitchen. It is a floating, locking vinyl that is perfect for moisture areas…like our kitchen and bathroom.

Their customer service rep talked me through the installation and it couldn’t have been easier! They didn’t need to rip up the old floor (they did fill in the few holes in the old tile), it installed right on top. 


Stainmaster flooring, perfect for moisture prone areas

And this is the kitchen so far. I still have to paint the quarter-round to be installed in front of the kick plates…


Dining nook is almost finished!

I need to paint the hutch, (blog about the table & chairs makeover!), find a new home for the water cooler…


Other side of dining nook.

Paint the cupboards…


I would really love more counter space.

Get rid of that ugly microwave and get a new white one for above the oven. Oh, and purchase a new white wall oven. Shhh…don’t tell Larry!


Looking out towards the dining room. We’re going to convert that coat closet into a new pantry!

The floor looks like old barn boards, we just love it!!


I love the new floor!!

But didn’t like the faucet…


The ugly kitchen tap…and sink, counters, back splash but those have to wait.

Here’s my new kitchen faucet! What a difference a little change makes. Also purchased at Lowe’s, a bonus because it was on sale!


The tall faucet is perfect for filling big pots now.

I still have to hang the wall décor and purchase new covers for the outlets and switches.


The clock my girls gave me for a present. I now have the perfect spot for it!

Oh, and I bought enough floor to do the main bathroom, too! 

The bathroom will have to wait a bit to be completed, the floor is down but since we only painted a couple years ago, there is no rush (in Larry’s mind…I want it done asap!)

But, while the door was off, I started painting it. And Larry goes away next month on an ice fishing trip, so perfect time to get the bathroom done…while the cat’s away… 😉


Painting the bathroom door

I probably should have broken this down into two posts or more, but I’m so erratic in my posting I figured I’d better do it all while I’m here.

So far we haven’t had any problems with our DIY kitchen makeover, and I hope it stays that way.

We have a long way to go, but since I fell on the ice on the way out to the chicken coop and have a badly sprained wrist, most of it will have to wait.


However, I’m thrilled with how it’s turning out so far!!

I’m still debating on colours for the cupboards, I’ll be using Annie Sloan™ Chalk Paint and have a couple of ideas. 

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  1. Looking good Debbie. We have plans for a kitchen redo as well, been out getting estimates and checking out companies.

  2. 1. How do you sneak wall ovens in? Share that technique.
    2. I see a handsome backside.
    3. Design a custom wood base for your water cooler.
    4. I would probably use ASCP in old white or ochre in my kitchen.
    5. Whatever you do it is going to be beautiful!
    6. Hope your wrist heals up ASAP.

  3. Oh how pretty! I love, love, love your floor!! I’m working on my kitchen makeover right now, so I loved seeing yours. Thanks for the inspiration and…we have the same tall faucet! I’ll be eagerly awaiting your cabinet painting!

  4. It look terrific so far!! So bright!!!! Are you thinking white for the cabinets? I think the Paris Grey might be too blue against the wall colour. And Old White would look a bit yellow (that’s what my cabinets are done with and it’s very creamy). can’t wait to see which way you go.

    Sprained wrist – oh no!!!! How are you managing? Hope you don’t have too many orders backed up.

    I need a new faucet!! Love the floor – is it the same one that Suzan put in? Because it looks completely different in your space.

  5. WOW WOW WOW..this is going to be awesome. LOVE the floors to Debbie. What an awesome choice.

  6. Sorry to hear about your wrist! Your floor looks great, and I love the colors you chose so far. Kitchen cupboards are a ton of work to paint, so I went with a neutral BM white oil base enamel that I won’t get tired of and lasts for years and years. With white, you can change out the backsplash and counters to have a whole new look. Also, white is timeless, and never goes out of style. I’ve only had to repaint once in the last 25 years, so not bad. Of course, if you like to paint, the color wheel is your oyster. lol!

  7. My first though was, “Wow, I love the floors!” :) Debbie, it looks so incredible and I bet you just want to spend all of your time in the kitchen now. Beautiful job, sweet friend.

    Hugs to you!

  8. I love all of the photos and details and your new floor is gorgeous! I have a 1970’s linoleum floor that I have been wanting to replace for YEARS! Hopefully when I do my floor will be as lovely as yours.

  9. AWESOME! You guys did a marvelous job with your kitchen and the floor is fabulous, I totally love it!
    Thank you for your charming visit. I too love fishing and love trout and fish period! Yes, the dishes were on after C’mas sale; the other hald that is, not the entire set, but I was lucky to find them to make a more complete set with the fishes. Thank you for telling me I was featured, but in what party was it, I’m away from home, so I haven’t checked my blog up to now.
    Thank you in advance, and I’m following you now.

  10. Oh, I also love the drop leaf table!

  11. Wow that looks amazing! My parents have that flooring and it really does look real I actually had to touch it to feel that it was smooth because it looks like wood. Beautiful so far good luck with sneaking that oven in LOL

  12. How fun! I love your new floors and your hutch! I look forward to seeing more updates! :)



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