Book Page Wreath


Christina, from The Frugal Homemaker, posted about her Burlap Book Page Wreath last October during her 31 days of Pinterest Pinned to Done and I pinned it hoping I’d get to do one. 

Then I saw Talitha, from Love, Pomegranate House, do a Paper Dahlia Wreath last week and it was gorgeous! I pinned this one, too.

My Book Page Wreath is sort of a combination of the two. Here’s a quick run-down on how you can do your own.


1. Cut a circle out of a cardboard, I used a Pepsi case. 
2. Tear pages out of an old book, I used an old dictionary I found at the thrift store. Roll them into tubes and use a hot glue gun to secure. 
3. Glue the tubes onto your circle, starting at the outside edge. 
4. Glue the next row between the tubes on the row before, continuing until you are as full as you like. 
5. Use ribbon you have on hand, or I cut a piece of linen from a scrap I messed up, and glued it into a ribbon.
6. Hot glue the ribbon to the back of the cardboard. (I should have painted the back! Oh well, no one will see it)

1. & 2. I used a lot of pages!! From 540 to 811 in the dictionary. There were a few not used, but still…
3. The pages weren’t as old as I’d like, so using a mixture of the tea and steel-wool soaked vinegar I used on the garden cart wheels, I sprayed the pages. 
4. After it dried, I really liked the aged look.
The tarnished silver spoon and cup were mine when I was a baby!


Spray painted vase with dried hydrangeas from my Limelight standard.


I love my wreath! Simple, but it did take a bit of time. And I love it hanging in the office where I see it the most. 

Yes, I know, it’s not springy colours, but I love the rustic feel of the mantel.

What do you have on your mantel right now?

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  1. That’s so pretty! x

  2. What a great wreath. What’s on my mantle you ask … as much as I can cram there!! We are having new carpets laid on Wednesday and even though the installer move the furniture I am moving all the china, ornaments, etc. I filled the mantle with many things, the rest are packed away. The house is looking very messy … must be when the grandkids say “your table needs cleaning”. On the plus side I’ve found lots to donate and the house will have had its spring cleaning!!! Can’t wait to get it all put back into place.

  3. Love it, Debbie. I’ve had my eye on making one, but haven’t done it yet. Now I’ll have to do one!!

    On my mantel? Right now, I still have magnolias blooming, a couple of candlesticks, a pot with a green mossy ball in it. Haven’t really changed it up to spring yet.

  4. Oh, this is beautiful, Debbie!!! I sure wish I had a mantle!!! It would be a great place where the grandkids could not reach as well! I have far and few places like that! I love the whole look of your mantle! You always keep it looking fantastic, and it is so fun to see what all you do! I think when and if we ever buy a new house to retire in, I will definitely plan to have a fireplace and mantle!

  5. Very rustic!! Love how your wreath turned out.
    Don’t have a mantle…..Maybe some day!!

  6. I love coming to your blog to see what you have been creating! I would like a wreath made like that out of music paper with maybe a music ribbon hanging! I will probably never do it!!! So many ideas and I get so little done! Nancy

  7. Ah, Debbie, your wreath is incredible! You did such a beautiful job and I love the way you displayed it :) What a lot of work, but well worth it.

    Hugs to you,

  8. Oh my gosh, Debbie! Your wreath is gorgeous and looks fabulous in your vignette!

  9. Wow Debbie – absolutely gorgeous – I have to get on the band wagon with this for sure!
    Love the backdrop you used for it – really – simply gorgeous!!!!
    ( pinning this most definitely! )

  10. Love your wreath, Debbie! Your whole vignette is so pretty, and the cloche with the bird is just darling!


  11. That is one lovely wreath Debbie! I have yet to make a book page wreath. Thank you for the easy to follow tutorial1 Maybe I can get one done now!

  12. Who needs springy colors when you have that cute wreath! And I love your baby cup and spoon! I never had one but I display my girls cups

  13. I love your wreath! It looks perfect along with your other vintage items. Thanks so much for linking up at Project Inspire{d}.

  14. Hi Debbie – am I a now reply blogger again?

  15. That baby cup and spoon are adorable!!

  16. So beautiful and I love how you gave that aged effect. Thanks for stopping by my blog. have more then 100 house plants..I am beyond impressed :)

  17. Wow! An amazing amount of effort went into creating your wreath – it turned out fabulously. Thanks for sharing it, and thank you for visiting me at The Happy Housie earlier. Glad to meet you:-)

  18. This looks amazing! You did a fantastic job! Would love it if you would link this up to Give Me The Goods Monday: 1 Party, 5 Blogs!
    Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  19. I love your wreath! I have also pinned these, but never felt like I had the time to sit down and make one. You did it, and you did it beautifully. Love your vignette with your baby spoon and cup too. laurie

  20. Oh my gosh, I love your wreath. Pinning it now. I received something very special today:) LOVES it,thank you..and it even has a cute little roo on it! So personal and useful, and fun at the same time. Thank you kindly.

  21. Hi Debbie! I have stopped by a few times and enjoyed perusing your lovely blog here. Just getting a chance to comment ~ beautiful page wreath especially with the aged look.

    How nice that you still have your baby spoon and cup. Very sweet.

    Kindly, Lorraine

  22. This is just so stunning!

    Thanks so much for sharing at Empty Your Archive – I have featured you at this week’s party, Alice x

  23. I love this! I am wondering if I could do it with a book that has a little sentimental value (even though I know I’m not supposed to tear books up :) I thought it could be fun for my teen daughter who just finished bio AP. SHe might like to see that book hanging like that in her room….hmmmmm. Thanks so much for the inspiration!
    Ashley Rane Sparks

  24. Your wreath came out great! Love it! Thanks for linking to mine! :)

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