Are Poinsettia Poisonous?

Are Poinsettia Poisonous?

At Christmas time, poinsettia are a popular decorating plant. I worked in a garden centre for a number of years, and in November we would get a shipment of thousands of poinsettia. And every year, the one question many customers would ask, are poinsettia poisonous to my pets? I always replied no!

Are Poinsettia poisonous? Dewdrop Gables

Poinsettia and Children

Poinsettia can sometimes cause a mild allergic reaction if someone were to come in contact with the white sap from a broken leaf. Eating a leaf could cause a mild case of diarrhea or nausea, but a child would have to eat hundreds of leaves to get a heavy dose of toxins.

MedicineNet gives you more in-depth information on how the myth was started and the truth about the poinsettia.


Poinsettia and Pets

The garden centre has two cats that live there, and they walk and sleep among the poinsettia constantly. I have two cats and they have never been bothered by the plants.

Many people are worried about their animals eating the leaves, because of the question are poinsettia poisonous to their cats & dogs. As with children, they could cause mild nausea and diarrhea, but they do not prove to be fatal. 

The Pet Poison Helpline has more information on their site.


Poisonous Holiday Plants

While it’s not true that poinsettia have deadly toxins, you should think about other holiday plants you bring into your home. Lilies, mistletoe, holly berries, amaryllis and cyclamen pose a far greater threat to your pets. has more information on how these and others are a danger to your animals

That being said, my cats (and my previous cats) never bothered with my many house plants, they much prefer to nibble on grasses.


I hope I’ve helped clear up the misconception regarding poinsettia. Now, head out to your garden centre and pick up one or two of these beautiful plants! You will be able to enjoy them knowing you don’t have to worry about curious hands & paws.

Merry Christmas!

I’m wishing everyone a safe and wonderful Holiday Season! 

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  1. Great info, Debbie. I’ve never had a problem with them – cats, dogs and kids.

  2. Excellent information, Debbie! I never get Poinsettia’s because I have a cat and child, but your post proved to be very helpful :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I am so glad you posted this! I have heard the poison theory for years and always was leery of poinsettias. Now I will be able to enjoy them without fear of making a pet or child sick!
    Have a wonderful holiday season Debbie!

  4. Thanks for finally talking about >Are Poinsettia Poisonous?

    – Dewdrop Gables <Loved it!

  5. Thank you.

    I was worried about this a while back!

    So happy to hear that they are not!

    Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

  6. Thanks for letting me know about poinsettias! I usually get one and put it up high, out of reach. Yours look beautiful but then again if you worked in a garden center of course they would look great!

  7. Glad you wrote it! Cheers Debbie!

  8. Good to know. One of my cats, as a kitten, add part of a lily and we had to have his stomach pumped as lilies are deadly to cats. I haven’t let lilies in my home ever since.

  9. You can see I’m a little behind, but I’m catching up when I can! This is good information to know! I love holiday plants and always wished I lived someplace where poinsettias could live outside….I’d have a yard full of them they are so beautiful! Merry Christmas girl!

  10. Good to know, Debbie. Merry Christmas!

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